Terms and Conditions

By using roadrunner email services, we can easily have access to our emails and email accounts from any other operating system. It is providing us with a remarkable platform for communication. For accessing the email services, you have to create a login and password for it. There are certain set limits provided by Roadrunner emails that we have to follow.

Limits of receiving emails

You can receive an email of up to 30 MB, including connections.

Limits of sending an email

It is allowed only to send an email of up to 30 MB, including all attachments. You can send email to 1000 recipients only every 24 hours per IP address. Every email can have up to 99 recipients in each of the To and CC fields.

Security features

All the incoming and outgoing email messages are checked for viral infections and tainted messages.

The spam suspected will be automatically set up into a spam email organizer or it will get erased.