Privacy Policy

Roadrunner is an excellent email service that is provided by Time Warner cable internet service provider and is effectively used by so many users in their professional as well as personal level. By using roadrunner email services, we can easily have access to our emails and email accounts from any other operating system. It is providing us with a remarkable platform for communication.

It is a web-based application that is designed by Time-warner cable and provides you with a versatile platform to meet all your needs.

Roadrunner is a spectacular E-mail support system service that you can ever experience. This system benefits you with a strong, professional support team to resolve all issues that may arise during the access of the roadrunner E-mail system. It is an independent third party technical support provider for roadrunner email issues. This is a system that is completely based on the trust of the people. All the personal information is completely secured in the system and guarantee is provided that no personal information will be shared with the third party without the consent of the user. They have a standard system of log records. The documents, log guests and all the data gathered by the log documents incorporates log internet protocol addresses, program composition, data and time stamp, alluding/leave pages and conceivably the number of snaps.

They have access to the program internet protocol address so that they can find out the time duration of the engagement of the user on the site. Data collected through IPS is shared for the promotion of the expository group. The aim behind sharing the data is that they can ponder programs conduct and perform some changes which will help in making the site more efficient.

All your personal information like passwords, codes, patterns, and digits are utilized to protect the data. Your personal information is completely secure with us.